Note: This post was co-authored by Chad Michel. The rest of this 5-part series can be found here: Part 2 – Leverage Your Leadership Roles Part 3 – Maximizing Productivity Part 4 – Processes Can Be Fun Part 5 – A Layered Approach To Quality We’ve been in the software business for quite some time. […]

Last Thursday we hosted an open house as part of Agile Lincoln’s monthly meetup. We were blown away by how many people showed up to see who we are, learn what we’re doing, and hear me talk about our approaches to software engineering. Since then a number of people have requested the slides and recording […]

People who know me understand how strongly I feel about experiential learning. I have often talked about how valuable I believe my own personal experiences are and how I feel they impact the way I see and approach problems. I even wrote a blog post talking about how challenging it can be to work with […]

Like it or not, we live and work in a world of uncertainty and vague requirements. I like telling people that very little in my life is black and white. Most of it is shades of gray. This is not necessarily a bad thing because I think it is what makes designing software products (and […]

Based on our years of software systems development, Chad Michel and I have written our first book, showing readers how to approach system development like a software engineer. Lean Software Systems Engineering for Developers: Managing Requirements, Complexity, Teams, and Change Like a Champ includes meaningful examples, case studies, and sample source code to help developers […]