It’s very easy to throw terms around in our (or any) industry. In our hurried culture, we latch onto words or phrases that may not fully encapsulate their original intent. I’m afraid that is what has happened to the label of “software engineer”. And it has not been without consequences. I believe the real, working […]

I was talking with a colleague recently who is part of an organization that has recognized that their development processes, culture maturity, etc., was holding them back. The conversation went something like this… “As a developer, I would see Don’t Panic Labs as a dream job given the emphasis and adherence to consistent software design […]

We are not a lifestyle company. This is a sentiment I made clear at a recent Don’t Panic Labs company meeting. It’s not that we have anything against companies where employees settle in for their entire careers, but that’s just not who we are (or ever aspire to be). I’m not saying anything new here. […]

April was the seventh anniversary of the launch of Nebraska Global. While we spend a lot of time internally reflecting on our progress and strategy, we have never really shared it in a public forum or blog post. Like a lot of startups, we tend to be focused inward and not as concerned with how […]

I worry daily about the software we rely on in our daily lives. One need only look at the problems our airlines have had and the disruptions they have caused in our lives. I feel like there is a significant risk that we will be crushed under the weight of technical debt in this software. […]